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Pro Bono Projects

We take great pride in working with our industry partners to enhance their products and businesses through Pro Bono projects.

Current Projects

Product Overview

Company Name

Quest2Learn is an augmented reality (AR) application that enhances online and on-campus lab sciences education. Quest2Learn aims to enhance lab experiences in remote and in-person learning and excite students about pursuing careers in biomedical sciences, as well as exposing underprivileged communities to state-of-the-art lab science education.

Project Components

Quest2Learn currently has the necessary CS development capabilities and is seeking JHPMC's help with product management. This project will include prioritizing feature development for Q2L, building stakeholder management strategies, and creating a roadmap including deadlines for efficient growth of Q2L.

Project Goals

  • Product Management

  • Prioritizing Feature Development

  • Stakeholder Management Strategies

  • Building a RoadMap 


Product Overview

Company Name

VAS is the global market leader in connected dairy management systems. With around more than 65% of the market share across North and South America over the past 3 decades, VAS has been committed to continuously pioneering new solutions and technology for the dairy industry, setting a standard for farm management solutions and raising the bar to meet the next generation of expectations.

Project Components

VAS wants to evaluate and ascertain if two of its tech products can be consolidated into one. The project would comprise of comparing user personas and journeys, developing a user interface, evaluating and comparing features of both products, and recommending the future roadmap.

Project Goals

  • Combine two products

  • Comparing user personas and journeys

  • Develop a user interface

  • Evaluate and compare features

  • Recommend a future roadmap


Product Overview

Company Name

The Johns Hopkins Product Management Club is a platform to build knowledge, network, and gain hands-on product management experience. Our aim is to help members enhance product management skills and become successful product managers delivering socially and economically impactful products.

Project Components

The Johns Hopkins Product Management Club acknowledges that a lot of the student community experienced confusion when trying to understand the club and its activities. We want our website to be an amazing resource that provides accurate and dynamic information about us and our undertakings. With this project, we invite people from the student community to use their experience to revamp our website and implement big changes. This project will include UI and UX optimization, KPI analysis, User interviews, and marketing strategy development. Special perks: Leave a legacy!! Get a chance to contribute to JHPMC’s new logo design.

Project Goals

  • UI and UX optimization

  • KPI Analysis

  • User Interviews

  • Marketing Strategy Development

Past Projects



  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn
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  • LinkedIn

Salil Dokey

Rishi Jain

Shivank Vyas

Vyshnav Menon

Company Name


Product Description


The project with WESTxEAST was to design the User Experience for an E-commerce website to include the new business model wherein there would be two tiers of customers. This was preceded by the luxury apparel market discovery and competitor analysis.

The team conducted the following activities:

  • Market Research 

  • Feature Analysis

  • User Experience Design

  • Creating wireframes

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