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We take great pride in working with our industry partners to enhance their products and businesses through Pro Bono projects.

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Product Overview


Takeoff Point, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, wants to co-grow their product, Studence, a service where high school students learn about college life by talking to the right college students.

Project Components

Market Analysis, Go-to-market Strategies, Product Development, Enhance User Experience.

Project Goals

  • Grow the number of college students users from diverse universities and majors.

  • Test the product with target customers to get feedback to make the service more valuable to customers.

  • Collaborate closely with Studence team to contribute to product development by improving the user experience, developing new features, and maintaining the application.

Company Name

Takeoff Point, SONY Corporation

Fall 2021 Projects



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Salil Dokey

Rishi Jain

Shivank Vyas

Vyshnav Menon

Company Name


Product Description


The project with WESTxEAST was to design the User Experience for an E-commerce website to include the new business model wherein there would be two tiers of customers. This was preceded by the luxury apparel market discovery and competitor analysis.

The team conducted the following activities:

  • Market Research 

  • Feature Analysis

  • User Experience Design

  • Creating wireframes