Hello Blue Jays!

As our organization continues to grow, we also expand our team!  Recruiting for the Fall 2022 Semester is currently closed, but we encourage members to take a look at position descriptions for future recruiting cycles! 

Leadership Positions

  1. Vice President of Internal Development

  2. Vice President of Finance

  3. Projects Team Lead(s)

  4. Marketing Team Lead(s)

  5. Events Team Lead(s)


Vice President of Internal Development

Responsibilities​ include:

Facilitating club’s internal development efforts

  • Identifying educational materials, opportunities for members

  • Organizing and facilitating JHPMC member networking events and team-building 

  • Spearheading club development efforts, such as sourcing and drafting content for a weekly “Product Monday” series (in collaboration with VP of Marketing and Marketing Team)

Helping manage club’s external development efforts 

  • Supporting and aiding in the development of an inter-university product management club network  


  • Creative thinking and innovation – we want to bring some new aspects to our group dynamics!

  • Comfortable with cold-emailing and messaging to form a robust PMgmt network within JHU, and beyond

  • Strong communication skills

Time commitment

  • 2-4 hours per week