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Hello Blue Jays!

As our organization continues to grow, we also expand our team!  Recruiting for the Spring 2023 Semester is currently closed, but we encourage members to take a look at position descriptions for future recruiting cycles! 

Leadership Positions

  1. VP of Marketing (x1)

  2. VP of Project (x1)

  3. Project Directors (x2)

  4. VP of Internal Development & Education (x1)

  5. VP of Event (x1) 

  6. VP of Finance (x1)

VP of Marketing

Responsibilities​ include supporting VP of Mktg in:

Manage the communications

  • Work with JHPMC vice-presidents to market the events.

  • Compose emails to spread awareness about the events, projects and any type of material related to club activities.

Managing social media presence

  • Uploading posts on Instagram about club members and club activities.

  • Writing content on LinkedIn, Product Lounge website, and JHPMC website

Connecting with new people

  • Network with product managers for organizing speaker series event, career guidance, product cases workshop and other events.


  • Ability to write content and create influential social media posts

  • Comfortable with cold-texting and networking with professionals on LinkedIn

  • Proficiency in communicating in English

Time commitment

  • 2-4 hours per week

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